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Chemenator Compilation 2016


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Chemical Engineering’s popular Chementator section concisely highlights innovative and novel technologies that are being commercialized or scaled up for the first time. Chementators identify the unique benefits of newly proven technologies or approaches that can achieve breakthroughs for chemical process industry (CPI) applications. This includes quantifiable improvements in ways to manufacture CPI products. You will find all 2016 Chementator articles in this one, convenient guidebook.

Delivered in a PDF format, 70 pages.

Topics include:

Slash costs with this advanced sulfuric-acid alkylation process
These robust organosilane-based membranes promise benefits
Dry adhesive technology mimics gecko’s feet
A hybrid solar cell that utilizes waste heat to boost efficiency
A step forward for bio-based butadiene
Progress on E.U. project to produce rare earth elements from Greenland
Making hydrogen (and carbon) by cracking methane in molten metal
A very efficient heat exchanger for very hot applications
Alkylate process featuring a solid-acid catalyst can use multiple feedstocks
Using air and hydrostatic pressure to store energy underwater
Removing harmful metals from wastewater with crab shells
A ‘greener’ route for making red pigments
Coral enhances the removal of mercury from wastewater
Oil-free compressed air at a fraction of the cost
Polymer-reaction monitoring
These CeO2 nano-rods store a lot of O2 at low temperatures
Making more carbon fibers for less
Bio-based BTX test facility breaks ground in Texas
Monetizing coke-oven gas, while capturing CO2
Collaboration lowers cost for bio-based FDME process
Progress for high-efficiency ammonia-cogeneration plant
Making aerogel absorbants from wastepaper
Extracting platinum metals
Graphene-based membranes
Novel cathode material for lithium-ion batteries
MOF-based adsorbents promise to cut costs for capturing and storing flare gas
A technique for making superhydrophobic metals
First commercial-scale gas fermenter in U.S. to break ground
Recovering rhenium photochemically
Optimized version of polymer additive raises PP clarity
Engineering bacteria to tolerate higher temperatures
Partnership scales up the first ethylene-based metathesis process
A new catalyst may reduce costs of catalytic converters
Bio-based heat-transfer fluid for solar-thermal applications
A new process to make olefins from syngas
Making H2 and graphite from methane
Making complex silicone parts by 3-D printing
Syngas-to-lipids process demonstrated
A patent granted for this self-diagnostic technology used in boilers
A joint effort to enable the production of sulfur-enhanced urea at large scale
Natural film for food packaging
Microbes make a meal of PET
Natural film for food packaging
Microbes make a meal of PET
Design-of-experiments approach optimizes metal-grinding fluids
Extremophilic algae selectively recovers precious metals from solution
Making PLGA by one-step fermentation
Commercial launch for a hybrid waste water treatment process
Sun and rain generate electricity in this solar cell
Diamond-based electrodes allow handling of difficult-to-treat wastewaters
A direct route for making polycarbonate from CO2 and diols
Making motors intelligent
The photocatalytic reduction of CO2 into CO-36
Imitating cactus plants to improve membrane performance
Collaboration commercializing technology for reusing complex catalysts
This handheld chemical analyzer connects to smartphones
Fuel-cell-based carbon capture system can augment power generation
A 3-D printed polymer with enzymes turns methane to methanol
Computational approach streamlines industrial enzyme development
P-recovery process to be demonstrated
Selective conversion of plastics to waxes
A next-generation membrane bioreactor
Recycling waste polystyrene into membranes
A glass for all colors
High-performance composite based on biomass
Making H2 from aluminum composite waste
H2S scrubbing process regenerates reagent, produces sulfur
Dow validates recyclable polyethylene packaging that performs as barrier
A new, economical way to synthesize ‘two-faced’ organosilicons
CO2-free ethanol production from lignocellulose
This paper has antibacterial activity
CO2-free ethanol production from lignocellulose
This paper has antibacterial activity
Highly selective rare-earth separation using bacteria filters
Pilot trials completed for a new SNG process
Scaleup for a new P-recovery process
Converting PE waste into liquid fuels and waxes
A process to treat tight emulsions and intractable oily wastes
CO2 in biomass pre-treatment
Hybrid 3-D-printing process optimizes performance, cost for aerospace parts
Environmentally safe oil-sands extraction
This electrochemical cell sequesters CO2 and generates electricity
Recover chemicals from sugarcane bagasse using the half the energy
New process for cyclohexasilane offers lower cost and improved safety
A smart adhesive that ‘turns on’ at body temperature
Purify p-xylene without the heat
This ceramic membrane converts natural gas to liquid hydrocarbons
This new, dual-pressure HNO3 process is commercially available
Engineering bacteria to make muconic acid
Catalytic process converts sorted waste into aromatic compounds
A Japanese consortium begins a five-year, large-scale carbon-capture project
Control biofouling with I2-vapor disinfection
This coating makes glass into a solar panel
Commercial MOFs on the horizon
Plasma oxidation disinfects water without the addition of chemicals
Recycling textiles into reusable cotton, polyesters and silver
This alkylation process uses an ionic liquid catalyst
Tin-based catalyst for photodecomposition
Making bio-oils via solvent liquefaction
A microwave-assisted flow reactor for organic synthesis
This desalination process uses much less energy than RO
The search for salt-tolerant microbes for improved bioleaching
Making ammonia at milder conditions
Ethanol from CO20
Solution mining technique improves potash yields
This mine is the first to target scandium
Converting sewage into fuels
Bringing the Internet of Things to glass-furnace burners
Low-cost carbon-fiber production plant poised to break ground
Additives retain starch in cardboard recycling
Design project for ‘clean coal’ oxyfuel combustion pilot plant
Cost-effective LGF-PP process
A German research project aims to make methanol from biomass or CO2
A milestone in ‘power-to-liquids’

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