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Feature Report Compilation 2016

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Chemical Engineering Feature Reports provide concise, factual information that aids in solving real problems. The practical, how-to orientation of these articles ensures that they can be directly applied to chemical engineers’ daily jobs. Each article applies to a relatively broad section of the chemical process industries as opposed to focusing on just one niche.

Delivered in a PDF format. 87 pages.

Articles Include:

Characterize Bulk Solids to Ensure Smooth Flow
To minimize problems associated with handling all types of bulk solids, engineers must adopt a systematic approach to characterizing the flow and mechanical properties of the materials under a variety of operating conditions

Managing SIS Process Measurement Risk and Cost
With a focus on flowmeters, this article shows how advances in measurement technologies help safety system designers reduce risk and cost in their safety instrumented systems (SIS) design and lifecycle management

Pressure Measurement: Handling Difficult Process Applications
A better understanding of what pressure instruments do and how they work can help improve measurement performance, especially in troublesome applications

The Relationship Between Materials Selection and Machining Processes
An awareness of the impact of materials selection on the machining processes for small, complex components can affect overall end-product quality and costs

PSA Technology: Beyond Hydrogen Purification
Pressure swing adsorption technology is well known for H2 purification applications, but the technique can also be used for other gas-separation processes in petroleum refining facilities

An Up-Close Look at Electropositive Filtration
Electropositive filters take advantage of surface-charge effects to filter nanometer-sized particles. Provided here is an overview of how they work and where they can be used

Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers: The Design Cycle
Following this step-by-step approach will ensure that the heat exchanger will perform as required when finally fabricated

Performance Trends of Top Performers in the CPI
Focusing on a ‘reliability culture,’ mechanical availability and optimum costs leads to top performance

Integrated Risk-Management Matrices
An overview of the tools available to reliability professionals for making their organization the best-in-class

Heat Transfer in Wiped Film Evaporators
Simulations demonstrate the complex, changing properties of materials within the evaporator. Such information can help in both designing and selecting the proper evaporator

Coupler Technologies for Secure Chemical Handling
Significant improvement in reducing fluid loss, optimizing flow paths and easing operation are among the advances in next-generation coupler technologies

Magnetically Coupled Pumps: Structure, Function and Best Practice
Understanding pump internals, especially the various sealing and coupling arrangements, is a critical step in selecting the optimal pump

AODD Pumps in Chemical Processes
Advancements in efficiency and the ability to handle a wide array of chemicals combine to make the air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump a useful choice for chemical processors

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