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Newsfront Article Compilation- 2016

Newsfront Article Compilation

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Chemical Engineering, the most widely respected global information source for the CPI, publishes monthly Newsfront articles which detail the ins and outs of the industry. These relevant, in-depth articles relate to the full CPI and not just one particular area in the market.

Delivered in a PDF format. 107 pages.


The topics in this guidebook include:

New Possibilities in Upstream Milk Processing

While thermal treatment remains king, new alternatives for processing milk are promising a number of benefits to the dairy industry

Advances in Process Gas Analyzers

Advances in technology boost productivity and make today’s analyzers user-friendly

Pigments: Going Beyond Black and White

Advanced materials and sustainability efforts are driving the evolution of modern pigment and coloration technologies

Keeping Solids Moving

Updated feeding and conveying products help improve product flow

CPI Employment Landscape

Insights about complex CPI workforce issues come from a variety of sources, including survey data on corporate attitudes, salary and diversity

Air Emissions: Overcoming Monitoring & Control Challenges

Modern technology tackles CPI’s air-emissions concerns

Sealing Solutions to the Rescue

Improved seals, gaskets and valve packings stand up to tougher process conditions

Progress to Limit Climate Change

As world leaders agree on the need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, major milestones and new technologies point toward potential solutions

Is Modular Right For Your Project?

Modular construction provides many benefits, but the decision to go modular should be thoroughly investigated

Cybersecurity Defense for Industrial Process- Control Systems

Security techniques widely used in information technology (IT) require special considerations to be useful in operational settings. Here are several that should get closer attention

Plant Functional Safety Requires IT

Security Cybersecurity is critical for plant safety. Principles developed for plant safety can be applied to the security of IT systems

Innovation and Demand Keeps Glass Industry Afloat

Despite competition from many new players, the glassmaking sector is rebounding with new applications and smart products

New Ways to Deal With Old Heat-Transfer Issues

New developments in heat exchangers solve common problems and enhance performance

Cutting-edge Composites: Materials for a New Era

The combination of advanced materials and processing techniques results in new composites that can aid industries in achieving increased levels of efficiency

CPI Demands Pumps with Lower Lifecycle Costs

Improved designs result in leak-free, reliable, longer-lasting pumps

Performance Trends of Top Performers in the CPI

Focusing on a ‘reliability culture,’ mechanical availability and optimum costs leads to top performance

Integrated Risk-Management Matrices

An overview of the tools available to reliability professionals for making their organization the best-in-class

A Look Inside Advanced Materials Analysis

Testing and characterization techniques are rising to meet the demands of increasingly complex materials and applications

The Changing Face of Maintenance

Connected enterprises and intelligent instrumentation promote predictive maintenance and improve reliability

Ethics Survey Results: Your Responses

Responses from 2015 CE ethics survey range from hopeful to cynical, and both similarities and differences emerge when compared to earlier surveys

Chemical Safety: A Challenging Road Ahead

Passage of the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act has created a long and challenging road ahead for U.S.

EPA rulemaking Redox Flow Batteries Charge Forward

Developments in redox flow batteries are moving at a tremendous pace to meet the growing need for large-scale energy-storage systems, which are used for stabilizing electric power distribution

Mobile Apps for Increasing Process Efficiency

Industrial mobile apps help chemical processors overcome process, maintenance and inventory issues

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