Compact Heat Exchangers: Designs, Materials and Applications


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This handbook presents innovative knowledge concerning designs, materials and applications of current and future orientated kinds of compact heat exchangers. Included is a special section on Microstructure Heat Exchangers.

New in the 2nd edition: an exclusive guidebook is detailed information on mircostructure heat exchangers. All authors are recruted from leading scientifical institutions or apparatus producers.

1. Materials
DIABON® graphite for engineered process equipment (Mair/Bairlein) 2

How to choose a type
Graphite heat exchangers – Which type for which job? (Bairlein) 6

Polymeric hollow fiber heat exchangers (Astrouski, Brožová, Raudenský, Reppich) 12

Metal foam – a material for heat technology
Open-porous structures increase the efficiency of heat exchangers and cooling elements
(Meyer) 18

2. Apparatus Design
Recuperator for micro and small gas turbines (Dubois/Bonvissuto) 24

DIABON® Graphite plate heat exchanger (Bairlein) 30

Customized modular heat exchangers
Increasing process efficiency with standardized plate heat exchangers (Lentz)

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
Installation, Operation, Maintenance (Nasser)

Fully welded HYBRID Plate Heat Exchanger
Combines the advantages of a plate heat exchanger with those of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger (Nasser)

Smart Hybrid Heat Exchangers (Koonen)
Efficient heat recovery –with cost-effective, designed-to-order AirToAir heat exchanger (Hückels)

PLEAT Cooler – the next generation of Heat Transfer Technology (Godeset)

Block heat exchanger made of DIABON® graphite for engineered process equipment (Bairlein)

Plate & Shell – Heat Exchangers with a fluid (or product) as the primary heat transfer medium and a fluid as the secondary medium (Pascoe)
Next Generation of totally welded Plate Heat Exchanger (Schult/Harnack) 88

3. Applications
GAP-type Heat exchanger for waste heat recovery revamping (Dubois/Bonvissuto)

Reliable automation technology for plate heat exchangers in the food industry
FrontLine WideStream heat exchanger expanded beverage production capacity for leading African food and beverage manufacturer (Boztepe) 108

Application of Block Heat Exchangers in Natural Gas Dehydration (Dierich)

Content V

4. Microstrucre Heat Exchangers

Microstructure Heat Exchangers: an overview (Brandner/ Schubert)

Minichannel Heat Exchangers (Maurath)

Microchannel heat exchangers – Assessment of characteristics (Bachmann)

Millireactors for the chemical industry (Herbstritt/ Heck)

Microreactors: Lessons learned from Industrial Applications
Implementing microreactors in chemical production is quite a challenge (Reintjens/de Vries)

Wire Cloth Micro Heat Exchanger with High Pressure Stability (Balzer/ Fugmann/ Schnabel)

Joining and Corrosion Issues of Micro Process Devices (Gietzelt/Wunsch/Toth/Traut/Fürbeth)

5. Fouling in Heat Exchangers

Compact, High-efficiency Heat Exchangers Understanding Fouling (Kerner)

Eliminating Contamination Problems in Processes and shortening maintenance Loops in Plate and Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers (Matosovic)

6. Simulation and Design for Compact Heat Exchangers
Numerical Calculation of Streaming Structures and Heat Transfer on Dimple Surfaces (Turnow)

7. Appendix 229
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