Cost Estimation and Project Management Volume 2: STARTUPS, REVAMPS AND TURNAROUNDS


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Nowhere is proper cost estimation and project management more important than in startups, revamps and turnaround projects that happen every day throughout the global chemical process industries (CPI).

The articles in this Chemical Engineering Guidebook provide actionable strategies and insights carrying out budgeting exercises and implementing proven project-management strategies.

Several articles are devoted explicitly to carrying out revamps and startups in ways that optimize operations and reduce costs. Other articles discuss — and share tips related to— how to carry out feasibility studies, proper budgeting, and benchmarking (to compare the operations in question against those of others). Topics focus on supporting employees during complex engineering projects, and managing environmental considerations.

Delivered in a PDF format, 168 pages

 Articles Include:

Benchmarking For Success

Benchmarking can be an effective way of comparing and identifying best practices for efficient capital use


Condition-Based Maintenance Management Enhances Reliability

Understand reliability, condition monitoring and maintenance management to keep rotating equipment in top form


Revamps: Strategies for a Smooth Turnaround

Tie-in opportunities are few and far between. These rules of thumb will help make sure everything and everyone line up in time


Owners and contractors: Key Metrics Improve Performance

The selection and use of the right key performance indicators during capital-intensive projects can benefit all stakeholders


Energy Benchmarking

A method incorporating energy optimization and its viability is exemplified in a petrochemical application


Total Cost Analysis Aids Purchasing Negotiations

Use a total cost of ownership approach to optimize value when purchasing equipment and support services


Revamping Your Process Plant

An overview of some options to consider for increasing capacities


Distillation: Avoid Problems During Tower Startup

Practical procedures for both effective startup and problem analysis are discussed here for a depropanizer that experienced downcomer seal loss


Use Simplified Lifecycle-Cost Computations to Justify Upgrades

The methodologies presented here can be used to set goals, and will enable performance comparisons among different plants or industry segments


Lifecycle Costs for Capital Equipment in the CPI

Longterm equipment costs need to be fully considered in capital-cost assessments


Ten Things You May Not Know About Liquid Mixing Scaleup

Close attention to these aspects of scaleup can ensure greater success


Plant Revamps and Turnarounds: Some Lessons Learned

Although time is always precious, taking shortcuts and skipping standard procedures can be costly


Principles of P&ID Development

The tips provided here will streamline efforts to develop piping & instrumentation diagrams


Column Revamps: From Outside to Inside

Some of the many things to consider for this complex task are presented here


Managing Large Chemical Plant Startups

Prudent planning and scheduling during a project’s front end can lead to more expedient commissioning and startup activities


Materials Selection in the CPI

An overview of the many factors to be considered when selecting materials of construction


Process Safety and Functional Safety in Support of Asset Productivity and Integrity

Approaches to plant safety continue to evolve based on lessons learned, as well as new automation standards and technology


Optimizing the Design-to-Cost Cycle

By intensifying cooperation between process designers and cost engineers in the conceptual stage of plant projects, better-informed decisions can be made on the economic viability of plant projects


Chemical Process Plants: Plan for Revamps

Follow this guidance to make the most of engineering upgrades that are designed to improve plant operations or boost throughput capacity


Managing Small and Medium-sized Capital Projects

A real-life example is provided to show how to stay on program and within budget


Integrated Risk-Management Matrices

An overview of the tools available to reliability professionals for making their organization the best-in-class


Evaluating Preliminary Investment Feasibility

Before any engineering or design work can take place, a project’s feasibility must be considered. Reasonably accurate costs can be obtained using the preliminary estimate methodologies presented here


Process Plant Layout — Becoming a Lost Art?

Plant layout is as important a part of process plant design as it ever was, but it is rarely taught as part of chemical engineering courses


Evaluating Green Projects: Modeling Improves Economic Benefits

The use of dynamic modeling can help to identify the engineering and economic feasibility of any proposed project This sample project, involving the conversion of solid waste to synfuel, shows how.


Capital and Production Costs: Improving the Bottom Line

Decisions made in early phases of a project affect production costs for years to come. The disciplined method described here taps into potential savings