Cover Stories Guidebook 2019



Chemical Engineering’s cover stories provide concise, factual information that aids in solving real problems. The practical, how-to orientation of these articles ensures that they can be directly applied to chemical engineers’ daily jobs. Each article applies to a relatively broad section of the chemical process industries as opposed to focusing on just one niche.

All 2019 articles are compiled into this one convenient location.

Delivered in a PDF format, 114 pages.

Articles Include:

  • Liquid Mixing in Stirred Tanks

A method of quantifying mixing according to a mixing index is presented. This index can evaluate and predict mixing intensity related to fluid velocities in stirred tanks

  • Boost Steam-System Efficiency by Improving Condensate Recovery

Pressurized condensate-return systems and flash-steam vent condensers offer opportunities for fuel cost savings in a plant’s steam system. Here’s how to take advantage

An Investigation of Premature Flooding in a Distillation ColumnSurprising observations regarding flooding in the upper fractionation trays of an atmospheric crudepetroleum distillation column are investigated

  • Efficiency in Pneumatic-Conveying Air Filters

Paying closer attention to the air-filtration systems of pneumatic conveying operations can avoid losses in efficiency in compressed-air usage during filter cleaning

  • Minimizing Risk for Combustible Dust Explosions

By focusing on ignition sources, such as static discharges, and housekeeping, facilities handling solids can minimize their risk for combustible dust explosions

  • Non-Destructive Testing: Managing Corrosion Under Insulation

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) creates a pervasive and versatile challenge to the integrity of insulated equipment, but non-destructive inspection can help to avoid undesirable CUI surprises

  • Using Corrosion as a Process Variable

Monitoring and analyzing historical corrosion data can provide insights not available from manual inspection and measurement techniques

  • Maintenance: Pursuing Improvements in Rotating Machinery

The variety of rotating equipment used in chemical manufacturing creates the need for diverse maintenance methods. Using new techniques can greatly improve the reliability and performance of all types of rotating machines

  • Maintenance Strategies in the Era of IIoT

The shift from reactive to prescriptive maintenance can be greatly aided by advanced digital tools and the implementation of an effective pilot program

  • CFD: Driving Engineering Productivity

This article provides an overview of how computational fluid dynamics (CFD) works, and what benefits it can bring to the chemical process industries

  • Portable CFD: Build Interpolation Models from CFD results

Portable laptop computers and smartphones can be used to emulate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling results using this interpolation procedure

  • Create An Analytics Enabled Workforce

New self-service data analytics tools allow plants to create an analytics-enabled workforce that can readily address production issues and continuously improve processes

  • Overcoming The Talent Dearth

A shortage of technical talent and experience is challenging many in the chemical process industries. Steps that can be taken to improve the situation are discussed

  • Monitoring of Water and Steam Chemistry for Steam Generators

Online monitoring of steam and water chemistry in a steam system is important for safe and reliable operation of steam generators