Facts at Your Fingertips 2017


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Chemical Engineering’s Facts At Your Fingertips package includes a series of twelve condensed, one-page reference cards that provide useful rules of thumb, common equations and other practical tips for designing, operating and maintaining chemical process equipment.

This guidebook is available in a downloadable PDF.

The topics covered in 2017 include the following:

Solids-Blending Processes
Batch versus continuous, Blending mechanisms, Random versus ordered blend, Segregation and sampling

Steam Concepts
Pressure-temperature relation, Wet steam region, Industrial practice, Steam grades

Fermentation advantages, Fermentation challenges

Gas Detection
Gas sensor classes

Pressure-Based Level Measurement
Differential pressure

Alarm Management
Alarm frequency, Average alarm rate, Causes of high alarm rates

Zeolite structure, Major industrial uses, Catalysis chemistry

Batch blending, Continuous blending, Questions to consider

Heat-Transfer Fluid Selection
Process requirements, Cost of ownership, Product and data support

Air Separation Processes
Air separation approaches, Non-cryogenic air separation, Cryogenic separation

Filter Aids
Filter aid function, Filter aid materials, Filter aid selection

Agglomeration and Granulation
Wet agglomeration, Compaction processes