Improving Plant Safety- Volume 2: Management Tips and Methodologies


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Proper management strategies and methodologies are an essential part of safeguarding chemical process operations and protecting personnel, plant assets.

The articles in this guidebook provide guidance for improving plant safety and reducing the risk of catastrophic failures. Tips are included for ensuring plant safety and installing safety-instrumented systems as well as carrying out process-hazard analyses (PHAs) and hazard-and-operability studies (HAZOPs), environmental audits, and field troubleshooting of equipment.

Articles contain strategic recommendations for minimizing fire and explosion risk, managing piping systems, and ensuring that alarm systems are used in the best possible way.

The selection of appropriate gear to protect plant personnel (clothing, gloves, eye protection and hearing protection) is also profiled in several articles within this volume.

This guidebook is part of a two-volume set, with volume one entitled “Improving Plant Safety: Equipment Design and Operation”, sold separately.

Delivered in a PDF format, 200 pages.

Articles include:

Process Hazards Analysis Methods
Dust Hazards
Chemical Protective Clothing
Environmental Manager – Effective Plant Safety Management
Feature Report – Managing SIS Process Measurement Risk and Cost
Engineering Practice – Designing Safer Process Plants
Engineering Practice – Chemical Process Plants: Plan for Revamps
Cover Story – Integrating an ‘Integrity Operating Window’ Program
Environmental Manager – Process Safety and Functional Safety in Support of Asset Productivity and Integrity
Feature Report – Emissions Regulations and Control
Feature Report – Aging Relief Systems – Are They Working Properly
Environmental Manager – Proper use of Conventional PRV Discharge Coef cients
Feature Report – Control Engineering for Chemical Engineers
Engineering Practice – What’s Corroding Your Control Room
Engineering Practice – Research Projects: The Importance of “Cold Eye” Project Reviews
Environmental Manager – Common Mistakes When Conducting a HAZOP and How to Avoid Them
Feature Report – The Next Step Change in Process Safety
Engineering Practice – Field Troubleshooting 101 and How to Get the Job Done
Solids Processing – Guarding Against Fires and Explosions Caused by Self-Heating
Feature Report – Understand and Cure High Alarm Rates
Solids Processing – Piping Codes: What the CPI Engineer Should Know
Feature Report – Point-Level Switches for Safety Systems
Engineering Practice – Preventing Dust Explosions
Solids Processing – NFPA 652: Standardizing Combustible Dust Standards
Solids Processing – Plant Functional Safety Requires IT Cybersecurity
Cover Story – Heat Transfer Fluid Leaks: Break the Fire Triangle
Cover Story – Causes and Prevention of Packing Fires
Environmental Manager – Things You Need to Know Before Using an Explosion-Protection Technique
Environmental Manager – Responding to Environmental Inspections
Environmental Manager – Chemical Protective Clothing
Environmental Manager – Finding the Right Gloves to Fit the Application
Feature Report – Eye Protection, Part 1: Beyond Basic Eye Safety
Feature Report – Eye Protection, Part 2: How to Avoid Fogging
Environmental Manager – Eye-and-Face Personal Protective Equipment
Cover Story – Clearing the Air About Respiratory Protection
Engineering Practice – A Safety-Centered Approach to Industrial Lighting