Liquid-Liquid and Gas-Liquid Separation


Includes articles on distillation, adsorption, absorption, stripping, liquid-liquid extraction, membrane separation, ion exchange, crystallization, evaporation, and more. (250 pages)

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CHAPTERS: Chapter 1. Distillation; Chapter 2. Absorption and adsorption; Chapter 3. Crystallization; Chapter 4. Evaporation and condensation); Chapter 5. Vacuum processing; Chapter 6. Data and calculations; Chapter 7. Related topics
Designing azeotropic distillation columns Stanislaw Wasylkiewicz and Leo Kobylka, AEA Technology Engineering Software, Hyprotech Ltd., Marco Satyro, SEA, Inc.
Extractive distillation: Separating close-boiling-point components Fu-Ming Lee, GTC Technology Corp.
Recovering and recycling low-boiling alcohols and ketones George Schlowsky and Brian Loftus, Koch Modular Process Systems LLC
Partitioned distillation columns Why, when and how Hans Beckeer, Sven Godorr and Helmut Kreis, Linde AG; James Vaughn, Sasol Technology
Separation using coupled reactive distillation columns Erik Stein, Achim Kienle, Kai Sundmacher, Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems
Advanced distillation saves energy and capital Frigyes Lestak and Cyril Collins, M.W. Kellogg Ltd.
Catalytic distillation extends its reach Kerry Rock, Gary Gildert and Tim McGuirk, CDTech
Distillation tower flooding More complex than you think Simon Xu and Lowell Pless, Tru-Tec Services, Inc.
Giving insight to difficult distillations by replotting the McCabe-Thiele Diagram James Ryan, Ryan Consulting
Distillation reboiler startup can pose challenges Etienne Rubbers, Kirsten Green and Terry Fowler, Sasol Technology Pty Ltd., and Hendry Kister and Walter Stupin, Fluor
Solving a tower’s salt-plugging problem Henry Kister, Fluor Daniel , Shihan Chen, Honeywell International
Simplify calculations for absorption with chemical reactions Jerry Meldon, Tufts University
Selecting the solvent for SO2-removal absorption Soumitro Nagpl and P.K. Sen, Engineers India Ltd.
Scrubbers with a level head George C. Pedersen, Kimre, Inc ., and P.K. Bhattachararjee, U.S. Agri-Chemical Corp.
Wet scrubbers: Choose the best chemical reagent Ing. Noe Ugo Rinaldi, Tecnochim s.r.l
Wet scrubbers: Match the spray nozzle to the operation Lothar Bendig, Lechler GmbH & Co. KG
Taking stock of activated carbon’s many talents Stephanie Carr and Robert Vaughn, Calgon Carbon Corp.
Removing H2S from gas streams Gary Nagl, U.S. Filter Gas Technology Products
Prevent thermal runaways in carbon beds Thomas Hofelich, Marabeth LaBarge, and Denise Drott, Dow Chemical Co.
Simplify multicomponent crystallization Joseph Schroer, University of Massachusetts (Amherst) and Ka M. Ng, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Making big crystals Richard C. Bennett, Crystallization Technology, Inc.
Crystallization’s forgotten facet Wayne J. Genck, Genck International
Coping with crystallization problems B.C. Sutradhar, Invista, Inc.
Better growth in batch crystallizers Wayne J. Genck, Genck International
Optimizing process vacuum condensers James R. Lines and David W. Tice, Graham Manufacturing Co.
Gravity effects in horizontal condensers Alejandro Anaya Durand, Cynthia A. Aguilar Guerrero, Edgar Amaro Ronces, National Autonomous University of Mexico
A shortcut for designing evaporators Alejandro Anaya Durand, Instituo Mexicano del Petroleo
Scaleup of agitated thin-film evaporators William B. Glover, LCI Corp.
Improving vacuum systems Terrence Fay and Jarema N. Kraus, Lockwood Greene Engineers, Inc., Mitchell J. Levy, Consultant
Difficult to process? Vacuum it! Andrew J. Eckles, Atlanta Technology Group
Proper piping for vacuum systems Loren Wetzel, Graham Manufacturing Co.
Choose the right vacuum pump Joe Aliasso, Graham Manufacturing Co.
Simplify flash calculations Philip Eubank, M. Sam Mannan and Kenneth Hall, Texas A&M University
Use a spreadsheet to fit vapor-liquid equilibrium data Victoria Paulsen, Koch Modular Process Systems LLC
Solubility & Henry’s Law constants for sulfur compounds in water Carl Yaws, Praveen Bajaj, and Harman Singh, Lamar University, Ralph Pike, Louisiana State University
Solubility and Henry’s Law constants for amines in water Carl Yaws, Jack Hopper and Sunil Mishra, Lamar University
Apply liquid-liquid extraction to today’s problems Roger W. Cusack and Donald J. Glatz, Glitsch Process Systems, Inc.
Difficult liquid-liquid separations Thomal H. Wines, Pall Corp. , Robert L. Brown
Designing a separation process Rocger W. Cusack, Koch Process Technologies, Inc.
Separation simulation via spreadsheet Andrew Wilson, Solvay Specialty Chemical Co.
Processing with supercritical solvents James McClain, Micell Technologies
Hybrid separation schemes for CO2 removal: Conditioning natural gas William Echt, UOP LLC
Hybrid separation schemes for producing organic acids Mathieu Bailly and Daniel Bar, Eurodia Industrie SA
The many faces of ion-exchange resins James T. McNulty, Rohm and Haas Co.
Demystifying mist eliminator selection Steven Ziebold, Monsanto Enviro-Chem Systems, Inc.
Put a centrifugal spin on solvent extraction D. Greg Cybulski and Robert Driscoll, Rousselet-Robatel Centrifugation

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