Pristine Processing


Includes articles on selecting and operating high-purity equipment, managing high-purity gases and chemicals, designing and operating cleanrooms, maintaining clean-in-place and steam-in-place systems, and more (150 pages)

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CHAPTERS: Chapter 1. High-purity equipment; Chapter 2. High-purity facility and system design; Chapter 3. Clean-in-place and Steam-in-place considerations; Chapter 4. Ultrapure water, specialty gases and chemicals; Chapter 5. Management strategies
What makes a pump for high-purity fluids? Bruce Smith, Fristam Pumps
A pump for high-value products Thomas Heng, KSB Aktiengesellschaft
Validate cleaning with a CIP valve Karin Koller, Bioengineering AG
Selecting clean valves Mike Schmidt, Emerson Process Management
Designing clean delivery systems for process sampling Michael Valentine, Swagelok Co.
High-purity reactors: A material matter Bernard Jenson, Edlon-PSI
High-purity synthesis in an area-based reaction vessel John Cihonski, Kreido Laboratories
Specifying glass lined equipment Robert Naidel, Jeffrey Naidel, EngQuip Technologies Group, Gianni Artusi, Tycoon Technoglass SpA
Controlling heat transfer in glass-lined reactors Mukund G. Joshi, American Hydrotherm
Milking more from homogenizers William Pandolfe, APV
Vacuum and microwaves dry granulated products Barry Fox, L.B. Bohle, Inc.
Sanitary feeders minimize product contamination Patrick Keegan and Fred Willis, K-Tron America, Inc.
Putting crossflow filtration to the test Joseph Duffy, Roche Pharmaceuticals
Put a centrifugal spin on solvent extraction D. Greg Cybulski and Robert Driscoll, Rousselet-Robatel Centrifugation
High-tech seals meet high-purity demands Dale Ashby, Parker Hannifin Corp.
Process intensification: Think small Rocky C. Costello, R.C. Costello & Associates
Using ultrapure plastic tubing James Fleming and David Kemkes, Entegris, Inc.
Giving every hose an identity John Stover and Michael Tangreti, Advantapure/New Age Industries
Metering high-purity fluids Dan Gear and Tom O’Banion, MicroMotion
Contact level measurement in sanitary processes Adrian Totten, MTS Sensors Corp.
Customizing chromatography Derek Pendlebury, Pall Bio-Pharmaceuticals
Rouge detection & control Daryl Roll, Astro Pak Corp ., John Kilkeary, PM Consultants
Facility design with containment chemistry in mind Mark Griffiths, Solutia, Inc.
Pristine processing: Designing sanitary systems Brian Wulf, George Fischer, Inc.
Global standards for cleanroom design and construction Editorial Staff, Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology; and Richard Matthews, Filtration Technology
Protecting cleanroom personnel & products David Pallister, Extract Containment Systems
Budgeting for cleanroom spaces Thomas Hansz, Facility Planning & Resources, Inc.
Humidity control: Preventing moisture contamination Ken Soleyn, General Eastern
Sizing up pharmaceutical pilot plants David Ainsworth, Foster Wheeler Energy, and Gerald Cerulli, Foster Wheeler USA Corp.
Robust viral clearance Jerold Martin, Pall Corp .
Exercising foam control Schaum, Bioengineering AG
The secret’s out: Clean in place Jesse C.Stewart and Dale A. Seiberling, Seiberling Associates, Inc.
Mastering the ABCs of CIP Paul Hallman, Kinetics Modular Systems
Making the case for clean-in-place Gerald Cerulli, Foster Wheeler USA , and John Franks, Electrol Specialities Co.
Options for automated tank cleaning Christine Pagcatipunan, Spraying Systems Co.
Total organic carbon: A critical measure of ultrapure water Carl Craig, Sievers Instruments
Ultrapure water makeup Alan Sharpe, Lance Chiaverini and Tsuyoshi Ito, Mitsubishi Chemical America
Getting electronic chemicals to the point of use Stephen Yellin, Lockwood Greene , Doug Hodge, SemiChase Systems , Matt Hearon, Solvay Interox
Special delivery: Ultrapure liquefied gas Rick Udischas, Mindi Xu and Joe Paganessi, Air Liquide
Electronic chemicals: Parts-per-trillion pure Tom Talasek, General Chemical Corp.
Contain & control emissions of ultrapure gases Gerald Dornblaser, Bob Phillips and D. Bruce Wilson, BOC Edwards
Making the case for third-party inspections Stephen Joy and Mike Mohlenkamp, Swagelok Co.
Mastering Six Sigma for the life sciences Stephen Pulsifer, GE Fanuc
Procuring equipment, racing the clock Sean Eicher, New Brunswick Scientific, and Henri Blachere, Consultant

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