Project Management and Cost Engineering: Strategic Planning and Implementation (Volume 1)


Volume 1 of this 2-part guidebook series contains 20 articles that discuss a range of strategies for working engineers to (a) improve project management, and (b) carry out various types of cost engineering and cost estimation at diverse types of facilities throughout the CPI.

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Volume 1 of this 2-part series covers a wide range of strategies for working engineers. This PDF guidebook will help you to improve your project management and assist in carrying out various types of cost engineering/cost estimation within diverse facilities throughout the CPI.

The project-management articles provide useful, tutorial discussions on a range of engineering and personnel-related issues. Articles provide actionable recommendations on training, project leadership, defining roles, managing cultural issues, performance reviews and more — all of which can help or hinder worker productivity and impact overall project success.

The articles related to cost engineering and cost estimation cover such useful topics as developing a sound basis for gathering and projecting cost data, evaluating and using competing cost-estimation tools and approaches, benchmarking for success and more.

These practical, how-to engineering articles were originally published in Chemical Engineering between 2005 and 2013.

This guidebook is 102 pages and delivered in a PDF format.

Table of Contents

Section One: Cost Engineering

Making Sense of Your Project Cost Estimate

Target Costing: Compliant facilities, delivered at the lowest possible cost, minimize the risk of failure and maximize the return on investment

Capital and Production Costs: Improving the Bottom Line

How to Prepare a Process Design Basis

Benchmarking For Success

Making Sense of Your Project Cost Estimate

Capital Costs Quickly Calculated

Use Simplified Lifecycle-Cost Computations to Justify Upgrades

Evaluating Capital Cost Estimation Programs

Total Cost Analysis Aids Purchasing Negotiations

Section Two: Project Management

Ten Tips For Smart Project Managers

Leadership of Project Teams

E&C projects: Clarifying the Role of the Lead Process Engineer

Avoiding Project Failures

Project Success Builds On a Well-Defined Scope

Operational Excellence Begins Here

Employee development: Getting the Information You Need through a 360°Feedback Report

Updating the Rules for Pipe Sizing

Process Lead Responsibilities in Design Projects

Owners and Contractors: Key Metrics Improve Performance


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