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Engineers are routinely challenged when it comes to the proper selection, specification and sizing, and installation, operation and maintenance, and troubleshooting of valves to control fluid flow while ensuring overall reliability and safety.

This resource provides engineering articles which focus on the proper selection and operation of control valves and control valve positioners and sensors. Included is information provide sizing calculations for pressure-relief valves and related systems, plus tips for using pressure-relief valves with rupture disks.

Guidance is offered on reducing fugitive emissions and troubleshooting valves in the field, as well as engineering recommendations related to material selection, planning for plant revamps, improving operability, and managing challenges associated with hygienic operation.

Delivered in a PDF format, 154 pages.


Articles include:

  • Control Valves: An Evolution in Design

Understanding the design features of Globe style control valves can help in selection for specific applications

  •  Engineering for Plant Safety

Early process-hazards analyses can lead to potential cost savings in project and plant operations

  •  Avoiding Pressure Relief Problems
  • Control valve position sensors
  • Control Valve Performance
  • Using Rupture Disks with Pressure Relief Valves
  •  Advances in Valve Position Monitoring

New control-valve technologies improve performance and lower costs

  • Managing Pressure while Pigging an Oil Pipeline

Pressure control valves can manage pressure in oil pipelines, but pigging the line presents a challenge

  • Plant Revamps and Turnarounds: Some Lessons Learned

Although time is always precious, taking shortcuts and skipping standard procedures can be costly

  • Chemical Process Plants: Plan for Revamps

Follow this guidance to make the most of engineering upgrades that are designed to improve plant operations or boost throughput capacity

  • Sizing Calculations for Pressure-Relief Valves

A universal mass-flux equation can improve sizing calculations for pressure-relief valves with non-ideal fluids

  • The Relationship Between Materials Selection and Machining Processes

An awareness of the impact of materials selection on the machining processes for small, complex components can affect overall end-product quality and costs

  • Seven Tools for Project Success

Having the right tools is essential for success. These tools are of use to both novice and experienced project managers

  • Rotary Valves in Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Because of their wide application in pneumatic conveying systems, it is important to understand how rotary valves are designed and used

  • Control Valve Selection: True Cost Savings are Available

Control valves must respond quickly and accurately in a variety of process conditions. Selecting the proper equipment enhances process economics, safety and efficiency

  • Valve-Selection Best Practices

Precise combinations of valves and other equipment lead to process success. A biopolymer fermentation process provides an example of proper valve selection

  • Vapor Depressurization: Concept and Implementation

When carrying out depressurization calculations, special attention is needed for critical equipment and systems such as rotating equipment, columns and reactors

  • Combining the use of Rupture Discs with Relief Valves

Using the two devices together offers significant benefits in chemical processes. Here is how to take advantage of them

  • Modern Rupture Discs Support Increased Plant Capacity

The use of today’s high-performance rupture disc designs can help to reduce many common operating problems and support increased throughput requirements

  • Field Troubleshooting 101 and How to Get the Job Done

A major part of field work lies in troubleshooting problems: finding out why a system is not operating the way it is intended. This article provides guidelines for effective troubleshooting and contains many practical examples of their successful use

  • Optimizing Pressure Relief Systems

Alternative designs for pressure relief systems may offer investment cost savings

  • Connecting Operations Personnel to Reliability Efforts

Seven methodologies are described to help operations staff take greater ownership of asset performance

  • Control Valve Diagnostics

The proof is in the process, as exemplified in this former HART Plant of the Year winner. This process economic evaluation helps frame the business case

  • Anti-surge Valves for Dynamic Compressors

Follow this guidance to improve the selection and sizing of anti-surge valves for axial and centrifugal compressors

  • Piping Design for Potentially Lethal Chemicals

Integrity and reliability are critical for piping and equipment that handle chemicals with extreme health hazards

  • Large-Scale Fermentation Systems: Hygienic Design Principles

Follow these tips to optimize systems that use microbial fermentation to produce biochemicals and biopharmaceuticals

  • Using Installed Gain to Improve Valve Selection

Among other things, this analysis is helpful in comparing one valve candidate with another and in exposing over- and under-sized valves

  •  Improving Control Valve Performance

The control valve is a focal point for improvements to both process performance and economics

  • Emissions Regulations and Control

Harnessing new technologies for best practices in pollution control could lead to a more ideal framework of policies and programs

  • Improving the Operability of Process Plants