Wastewater Treatment- Treating Inlet Water for Use in the Process Plant: Volume One


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Chemical engineers are routinely tasked with purifying inlet water to suitable purity levels for use throughout the chemical process plant, and treating industrial wastewater to make it suitable for either reuse in the plant or discharge in accordance with all regulatory requirements and sound environmental practices.

This Chemical Engineering Guidebook contains a collection of practical, tutorial-style articles aimed at professionals involved in purifying inlet water. This collection of engineering articles covers several leading types of equipment that are routinely used to remove particulate matter from water. Covered are the selection, operation and troubleshooting tips for filters, filtration systems and sludge processing.

Focus is on biological treatment routes, providing technical recommendations for selecting and optimizing the microorganisms needed to degrade organic contaminants and other chemical pollutants, and engineering recommendations for maintaining and troubleshooting activated-sludge systems.

Several articles focus on proper boiler operation and the design of condensate-return systems that are used to produce steam, and provide guidance on pumps, valves and piping, all of which are ubiquitous in any water- or wastewater-treatment system design.

As an added resource, this collection of articles includes practical guidance on project management and cost estimating during capital projects.

Delivered in a PDF format, 150 pages.

Table of Contents:

CPI Water and Steam Chemistry
• Careful control of water and steam chemistry at CPI facilities can pay off handsomely in reliable operation

Biodegradation and Testing of Scale Inhibitors
• Progress is being made toward better performing and more biodegradable scale inhibitors for water treatment

Modern Concepts in Makeup Water Treatment
• Technologies offer new alternatives for water treatment

Condition Monitoring Methods for Pumps
• Applying condition monitoring tests to pumps can save costs by optimizing overhaul scheduling

Non-chemical Water Treatment

Filtration Testing and Slurry Conditioning

A Primer on Reverse Osmosis Technology
• Desalination by reverse osmosis is a key technology for a water-constrained world. Discussed here is its use in industrial water treatment and drinking-water production

Modern Water-Treatment Challenges
• LNG and other facilities that are expanding due to the shalegas boom face specific challenges when it comes to ensuring the purity of the inlet and outlet water

Chemical Process Plants: Plan for Revamps
• Follow this guidance to make the most of engineering upgrades that are designed to improve plant operations or boost throughput capacity

Water Treatment Technologies
• Filtration and Separation During Chemical Process

Operations: Avoid Common Errors
• The seven commonly made mistakes discussed here often lead to poor filtration and separation performance and many associated problems

Valve-Selection Best Practices
• Precise combinations of valves and other equipment lead to process success. A biopolymer fermentation process provides an example of proper valve selection

The Impact of Off-BEP Pump Operation

Mitigate Corrosion in Condensate-Return Systems
• Understanding the chemistry behind corrosion in condensatereturn systems can aid in selecting and properly employing the best mitigation technique

Engineering for Plant Safety
• Early process-hazards analyses can lead to potential cost savings in project and plant operations

An Overview of Filtration
• Understanding how different filtration methods work leads to a more informed decision when selecting a filtration system

Industrial Adsorbents

Calculate NPSH with Confidence
• Determining net positive suction head (NPSH) can be confusing, but with these guidelines, engineers can avoid the pitfalls of incorrect calculations

Superheater Problems in Steam Generators
• Knowing the features of a good boiler will prevent problems associated with a poor design
• Beyond Gravity: Centrifugal Separations in CPI

• Follow these recommendations to select the right centrifuge for your application

pH Measurement in Industrial Waters

An Up-Close Look at Electropositive Filtration
• Electropositive filters take advantage of surface-charge effects to filter nanometer-sized particles. Provided here is an overview of how they work and where they can be used

Activated Carbon: Fundamentals and New Applications
• Activated carbon sorbents are important tools in water purification and air-pollution control. This article provides information on the fundamentals of this diverse sorbent and on new applications for which it is being employed
• Proper Sizing and Installation for Steam System Safety

• Successful operation of safety valves in steam systems requires careful adherence to established industry standards for installation and design

Storage Tanks: Heating and Cooling System Design
• Various heating or cooling options are described here, along with the factors and design parameters that need to be considered. A sample calculation regarding coils is included

Steam Concepts

Crossflow Membrane Filtration Essentials
• Several aspects of crossflow membrane filtration , including process design, equipment selection and control, are detailed here