Air Pollution Control- Volume 1: Focus on Fugitive Emissions


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This Chemical Engineering resource contains complete tutorial-style engineering articles. The collection provides recommendations for minimizing fugitive emissions from pumps, valves and piping systems through proper equipment selection and use of appropriate seals and gaskets.

Focus is on reducing the risk of potential dust explosions — an essential safety aspect for bulk-solids-processing operations that handle fine powders.

This guidebook also includes articles that discuss best practices for managing and modernizing plant revamps and capital-intensive projects.

103 pages, delivered in a PDF format.

Topics Include:

Wet Scrubbers

Dust Hazards

Industrial Adsorbents

Forces Acting on a Gasket

Spill Containment: An Often Overlooked Hazard in Research

Magnetically Coupled Pumps: Structure, Function and Best Practices

The Benefits of Seal-less Pumps for Full Product Containment

Containing Fugitive Emissions

Piping-System Leak Detection and Monitoring for the CPI

Specifying Elastomer Seals for Plastic Piping

Rupture Discs: Effectively Minimize Leaks and Emissions

Dust Management in Bulk-Material-Handling Operations

Prevent Combustible Dust Explosions with Nitrogen Inerting

NFPA 652: Standardizing Combustible Dust Standards

Dust Control in the Chemical Process Industries

Dust Explosions: Prevention & Protection

Process Safety and Functional Safety in Support of Asset Productivity and Integrity

Things You Need to Know Before Using an Explosion-Protection Technique