Air-Pollution Control Volume 2: Focus on High-Temperature Operations


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This collection of how-to articles provides useful engineering guidance on an array of topics related to monitoring and managing vapor and particulate emissions that can arise during chemical process operations.

Several articles provide recommendations for understanding environmental regulations, while others share tips for reducing or eliminating fugitive emissions from tanks, burners and combustion units, and other process equipment. There is also focus on optimizing flare systems.

The articles were originally published in Chemical Engineering magazine, from 2012 through 2017. This Guidebook is part of a 2-Volume Set; Volume 1 is sold separately.

Delivered in a PDF format, 125 pages.

Topics Include:

Gas Hazard Definitions and Data

Gas Detection

Activated Carbon

Air Pollution Control: Assessing the Options

Considering Fugitive Emissions During the Conceptual Design Stage

Emissions Regulations and Control

Designing Atmosphere Storage Tanks

Safety in Sulfuric Acid Storage Tanks

Clearing the Air About Respiratory Protection

Reliable Operation and Sealing of Agitators

Eye on Flare Systems

Flare-Gas Recovery Methods for Olefin Plants

Optimizing Flare Operation Through Proper Design

Flare Consolidation Considerations

Advanced Control Methods for Combustion

Burner Inspection and Maintenance

Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Technology

Activated Carbon: Fundamentals and New Applications

Measuring Explosions to Aersols and Dust

Engineering for Plant Safety

Common Mistakes When Conducting a HAZOP and How to Avoid Them

Controlling S02 Without Corroding the Bottom Line