Environmental Management: Air-Pollution Control


Includes articles on technologies for managing gaseous emissions, NOx, SOx, particulate matter, and other airborne industrial pollutants, design tips for thermal and catalytic oxidation systems, emissions monitoring, relevant data and calculation methods, and more (300 pages)

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CHAPTERS: .Chapter 1. NOx and SOx control; Chapter 2. Managing gaseous emissions; Chapter 3. Managing particulate emissions; Chapter 4. Emissions monitoring; Chapter 5. Data and calculations; Chapter 6. Safety-related issues; Chapter 7. Related topics
The two faces of NOx control Charles Botsford, Parsons Engineering Science
NOx control techniques for the CPI Darlene Lambert and Thomas F. McGowan, RMT/Four Nines, Inc.
Find the right low-NOx solution Harold L. Shelton, Con-Serve, Inc.
Cost-effective NOx reduction Ravindra Agrawal and Stephen Wood, Entropy Technology and Enviro. Consultants
For NOx control, try a ‘layered’ approach Ravi Krishnan, RJM Corp.
SCR tackles NOx and Ammonia despite high NOx, dust and SOx loadings Robert Hernquist, Huntington Environmental Systems
Selecting the solvent for SO2 removal absorption Soumitro Nagpal and P.K. Sen, Engineers India Ltd.
Solubility & Henry’s Law constants for sulfur compounds in water Carl Yaws, Praveen Bajaj and Harman Singh, Lamar University, Ralph Pike, Louisiana State University
Exploring VOC control options Jeffrey H. Siegell, Exxon Research and Engineering Co.
Abating halogenated VOCs Robert Keller and James Dyer, DuPont Co.
Reduce solvent emissions Ravindra Waghmare, Thadomai Shahani Engineering College
Odor prevention and control in process plants Terry Robbins and Roy Manley, BetzDearborn
Removing H2S from gas streams Gary Nagl, USFilter Gas Technology Products
Controlling H2S emissions Gary Nagl, U.S. Filter Corp.
Taking stock of activated carbon’s many talents Stephanie Carr and Robert Vaughn, Calgon Carbon
Analyze a spray scrubber the easy way Peter Brekelmans, TurboSonic Inc.
Scrubbers with a level head George C. Pedersen, Kimre, Inc., P.K. Bhattachararjee, U.S. Agri-Chemical Corp.
Wet scrubbers: Choose the best reagent Ing. Noe Ugo Rinaldi, Tecnochim s.r.l.
Wet scrubbers: Match the spray nozzle to the operation Lothar Bendig, Lechler GmbH & Co.
Demystifying mist eliminator selection Steven Ziebold, Monsanto Enviro-Chem Systems, Inc.
Burning waste fuel Olavo Leite, Thermica Technologies
Hazardous-waste incinerators: Meeting compliance challenges Duncan Kimbro and Robert McCormick, Franklin Engineering Group, Phil Knisley and Janet Evans, Eastman Chemical Co.
Incineration: Tested & true Charles E. Campbell, Jr., T-Thermal Co.
Pollutant destruction: Comparing thermal-oxidizer designs Joseph Klobucar, Durr Environmental
Destroying gaseous emissions: Pick the right thermal oxidizer Mudumbai Venkatesh and John Woodhull, ENSR Corp.
VOC control: Thermal vs. catalytic oxidation Stan Mack, Engelhard Corp.
Predicting actual incinerator system capacity Saleem Zwayyed, IT Corp., Rudy Novak, RGN Consultants
Operating thermal incinerators safely Olavo Leite, T-Thermal Co., a div. Of Selas Fluid Processing Corp.
Managing emissions during hazardous-waste combustion Doolittle, John Woodhull and Mudumbai Venkatesh, ENSR International
Control dioxin emissions from combustion processes Jesus Blanco, Esperanza Alvarez and Carlos Knapp, The Spanish Council for Scientific Research’s Inst. Of Catalysis
Cleaning up incineration exhaust Olavo Leite, T-Thermal
Quenching hot exhaust — A key aspect of pollution control Wayne Buckley and Boris Altshuler, Croll-Reynolds Co.
Design & operate flares safely Ajay Kumar, The Sapphire Group
Clearing the air about flare systems John Straitz, NAO, Inc.
Dust collection in the CPI Tom Siljkovic, TS Consulting
Particulate emissions: Evaluating removal methods Isaac Ray, Croll-Reynolds Co.
New developments in filter dust collection Miles Croom, DCAD Co.
Keep pulse-jet baghouses running well Robert Zielinski, Met-Pro Corp., Flex-Kleen Div. (retired)
Beating the baghouse blues Lutz Bermann, Filter Media Consulting
How to monitor pulse-jet baghouses Herbert H. Nierman, Consultant, and Alex M. Hood, Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Assessing electrostatic precipitator performance Joao Bordado, Hoechst Portuguesa, and the Technical University of Lisbon, and Joao F.P. Gomes, Environmental Technologies Center, Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade
Ductwork changes improve ESP performance Clive Grainger, CSIRO (Australia), Energy Thermal & Fluids Engineering and Colin Paulson, CSIRO (Australia), Division of Energy Technology
A simple way to measure particle size in fluegases Joao Gomes, Environmental Technologies Center, Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade
Survey your options: Continuous emissions monitoring John R. White, KVB/Analect
How to choose emission monitors Robert Bucher, DuPont Co.
For effective gas detection, location counts Jay J. Jablonski, HSB Professional Loss Control
Comparing catalytic vs. infrared gas monitors Alan Austin, General Monitors
Protect workers and the environment: Choosing fixed-point gas sensors Alan Austin, General Monitors
Estimating the lower explosive limits of waste vapors Harold L. Shelton, Con-Serve, Inc.
Estimating hazard distances from accidental releases Ajay Kumar, The Sapphire Group
Estimate emissions from atmospheric releases of hazardous substances Ajay Kumar, EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc.
Quick estimates for hazardous-gas releases Ajay Kumar, Sandi Wiedenbaum and Michael Woodman, EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc.
Coping with hazardous leaks and spills Merrill Bishop, TransEnvironmental Systems
Preparing employees for spill response Karen Hamel, New Pig Corp.
Suiting up for safety in hazardous workplaces James Zeigler, Thomas Neal and Norman Henry, DuPont Co.
Reusing chemical-cartridge respirators Craig Colton, 3M
Prevent thermal runaways in carbon beds Thomas Hofelich, Marabeth LaBarge and Denise Drott, Dow Chemical Co.
Extremely hazardous substances’ — A focus on safer operations George Kinsley, Environmental Resources Management
Avoid process engineering mistakes Ian Duguid, Consultant
VOC control: Managing hazardous waste containers Karen Hamel, New Pig Corp.
How emissions affect design and performance of packaged boilers V. Ganapathy, ABCO Industries
VOC-control options during wastewater treatment Victor Edwards, Kvaerner Engineers & Constructors
Boosting environmental performance…reducing regulatory noncompliance Charles Gillard, C.F. Gillard Assoc., Bob Wood, Verticore Technologies
Pollution prevention: Don’t neglect it Virangkumar N. Lad, S.V. Regional College of Engineering and Technology
Pollution prevention by design Paul Crumpler, Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources
Consider outsourcing to reduce costs John Sudnick and William Falls, Peregrine Energy Corp.
Resolving environmental disputes without litigation Steven Koyasako, California Environmental Protection Agency, Dept. of Toxic Substances Control
Get the most from environmental audits Anne Marie McManus, Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.
Keeping pipelines safe from harm Brian Payne, EDM Services
Selecting secondary containment piping Anthony Palozzolo, Perma-Pipe, Inc.

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