Fluid Handling


Includes articles on specifying, operating and maintaining pumps, valves, and flowmeters, coping with troublesome fluids and flow problems, pipeline issues, modeling, and more (350 pages)

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CHAPTERS: Chapter 1. Pumps; Chapter 2. Valves; Chapter 3. Flowmeters and flow measurement; Chapter 4. Problem fluids and flow problems; Chapter 5. Pipeline issues; Chapter 6. Calculations and modeling; Chapter 7. Related topics
Keeping centrifugal pumps battle-ready Scott Boyson, A.W. Chesterton Co., Mech. Seals Div.
Consider hydraulic factors to reduce pump downtime Allan Budris and R. Barry Erickson, ITT Industrial Pump Group; Francis Kludt and Craig Small, Celanese Ltd.
Avoid cavitation in centrifugal pumps Mouafak Zaher, Unitec Applied Technology Institute
The relationship of vibration to problems in centrifugal pumps William D. Marscher, Mechanical Solutions, Inc.
Keep gear pumps healthy Hailin Zhu, Jiangsu Institute of Petrochemical Technology
Getting gear pumps up to speed Al Moze and Mike Stevens, Liquiflo Equipment Co.
Installing and maintaining gear pumps Kent Whitmire, Roper Pump Co.
Regenerative turbine pumps: Unsung heroes for volatile fluids Bruce Wright, Roth Pump Co.
Selecting multiphase pumps Allan J. Prang, Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Canada, Inc.
Pumping liquids loaded with dissolved gas Daniel Wood, Flowserve Corp ., Robert Hart, and Ernesto Marra, DuPont Co.
Problem solving for high-energy pumps Paul Cooper and Charles Heald, Ingersoll-Dresser Pump Co.
Determining sealing flowrates in horizontal run pumps Alejandro Anaya Durand, Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo, and Mauricio Marquez-Lucero, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Choose the right vacuum pump Joe Aliasso, Graham Manufacturing Co.
Selecting low-flow pumps Christopher Poe, Tritech Technologies, and Ken Bonnell, Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
High-pressure diaphragm pumps Josef Jarosch, LEWA Herbert Ott GmbH
How fluid properties affect hydraulically balanced metering pumps Donald B. Cameron, Pulsafeeder, Inc.
Pump installation: Penny pinch at your own risk Perry c. Monroe Jr., Monroe Technical Services, Inc.
Repair grouting to combat pump vibration Richard Myers, ITW Philadelphia Mixers
Nonmetallic sealless pumps: How to pick a winner Erich Meyer, Vanton Pump & Equipment Corp.
What makes a pump for high-purity fluids? Bruce Smith, Fristam Pumps, Inc.
A pump for high-value products Thomas Heng, KSB Aktiengesellschaft
Avoid pitfalls when specifying control valves R. Michael Bell, Stone & Webster Engineering Corp.
Heavy-duty control valves live long and prosper Herbert Miller, CCI
Control valves: Match the trim to the selection Ron Darby, Texas A&M University
Making the most of valves John Frenck, Consultant
Control valve health certificate Michel Ruel, TOP Control
Increasing longevity of valves Nate Paxton, Worcester Controls Corp.
Predict control valve noise George W. Page, Jr., H.D. Baumann, Inc.
A firm new handle on valve noise Hans D. Baumann, Fisher Controls International, Inc.
Peering inside the low-noise valve Hans Baumann, HB Services Partners LLC
Gain proportional control with solenoid valves Andrew Harris, Burkert USA
How valve performance affects the control loop Michel Ruel, TOP Control
Flow control with three-way valves Neculae Baitz, Foxboro/Eckardt AG
Selecting clean valves Mike Schmidt, Emerson Process Management
Specify the right-sized relief valve Virginia Carillo, Whesso Varec., Inc.
Control the differential pressure on the PRV inlet line Wing Y. Wong, WYWong Engineering
Using the ideal-gas specific-heat ratio for relief-valve sizing Aubry Shackelford, Berwanger
For sampling, match the valve to the task Edmond Ilg, Strahman Valves
Selecting the right flowmeter James Pomroy, Fischer-Rosemount
Choosing the best flowmeter Corte Swearingen, Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Choose the right flowmeter Corte Swearingen, Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Evaluating flow-measurement choices Deborah Lanaux, Occidental Chemical Co., and John Landsom, Rosemount
Metering high-purity fluids Dan Gear and Tom O’Banion, MicroMotion, Inc.
Rotameters: Simplicity = utility John Scheer, ABB, Inc.
Alleviating unsteady-state flow headaches Terrence Fay and Harold Loiterman, Lockwood Greene Engineers and Constructors
Take the mystery out of non-Newtonian fluids Ron Darby, Texas A&M Univ.
Pressure drop for non-Newtonian slurries: A wider path Ron Darby, Texas A&M University
Improved design practices for slurry piping Stanley Grossel, Process Safety & Design, Inc.
Critical length helps calculate compressible flow Italo H. Faina, Universidad Nacional de la Plata
Determing settling rates of particles Ron Darby, Texas A&M University
Dealing with two-phase flows Lawrence Daniels, AEA Technology
Working the kinks out of piping design Fred Bandel and Jeff Lawson, ProcessPlus
Approximating equations for pipe sizing B.B. Gulyani, University of Roorkee
Select the optimum pipe size Ronald W. Capps, Gulf Coast Consulting Group
Updated rules for pipe sizing Alejandro Anaya Durand, Jorge Arroyo Boy, Joaquin Lastra Corral, Luis Ojeda Berra, Jose Suarez Trueba, Petro Villalon Brena, UNAM
Pipe design for robust systems Michael Bussler, Algor, Inc., and Tony Paulin, Paulin Research Group
Correlate pressure drops through fittings – Part 1 Ron Darby, Texas A&M Univ.
Correlate pressure drops through fittings – Part 2 Ron Darby, Texas A&M Univ.
Save pipes from bursting with a compensator Jack Boteler, Flowguard USA , and David Clucas, Flowguard Ltd.
The use of certified KR for rupture disks Jeff Scoville, Oseco
Calculate pipeline flow of compressible fluids T.W. Cochran, BASF Corp.
Keeping pipelines safe from harm Brian Payne, EDM Services
Improving pipeline safety Brian Payne, EDM Services
Selecting secondary containment piping Anthony Palozzolo, Perma-Pipe, Inc.
Picking the best thermoplastic lining Gary Dennis, Elf Atochem North America, Inc.
The case for flangeless plastic-lined pipe John M. Kalnins, Dow Chemical Co. , and Nancy L. Lindley, Unistrut Corp.
Proper piping for vacuum systems Loren Wetzel, Graham Manufacturing Co.
Understanding impedance heating Fred S. Epstein and Gary L. White, Indeeco
Steam tracing keeps fluids flowing Joseph Radle, Spirax Sarco, Inc.
Electric heat tracing — A better design path Mitchell Todd, Nelson Heat Tracing Systems, Robert Ragno, Kvaerner Process
Keep piping insulation dry Brent Cottingham, Refrigeration Concepts
Spreadsheet calculates critical flow Sunil Kumar, Worley Engineering
Gas-flow calculations: Don’t choke Trey Walters, Applied Flow Technology
CFD comes of age in the CPI Nathalie Hamill, AEA Technology plc
Improve reactors via CFD Vivek V. Ranade, Natinoal Chemical Laboratory (Pune, India)
Validate CFD results using process tomography Gary Bolton, Industrial Tomography Systems
Maximizing simulation’s reach Mark Broussard, Hyprotech Ltd.
Avoid fatigue failures in reciprocating compressors Yi Gong and Neville Wright, SVT Engineering Consultants Pty; CCWan, BHP Billiton
Gasket standardization: Why and how Carl Jones, W.L. Gore & Assoc.
Automatic lubrication saves money Heinz P. Bloch, Process Machinery Consulting

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