Improving Plant Safety- Volume 1: Equipment Design and Operation


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The use of properly engineered systems to safeguard operations and protect personnel, plant assets and the environment is job one during chemical process industries (CPI) activities.

The articles in this Chemical Engineering guidebook provide detailed engineering guidance related to a variety of equipment types and engineered systems. It focuses on managing pressure buildup and mitigating the risk of fire and explosion through proper system design, operation and maintenance, and efforts to reduce the risk of sparks.

Other areas focus on the proper handling of finely powdered materials, to reduce the risk of potentially catastrophic dust explosions.

Also provided are engineering recommendations on the proper selection and use of pumps, valves, and rupture disks, to reduce emissions and ensure safe operation.

Finally, there is an area that is devoted to managing chemical storage tanks to reduce the risk of leakage and product loss. 

Delivered in a PDF format, 145 pages.

Articles include:

Avoiding Pressure-Relief Problems 
Static Electricity Discharge and Fire Prevention 
Gas Detection 
Engineering for Plant Safety 
Advances in Process Temperature Measurement: Trends and Technologies
Avoiding Static Sparks in Hazardous Atmospheres
Monitoring Flame Hazards in Chemical Plants 
Fire-Water Pumps for CPI
Valve-Selection Best Practices
Proper Sizing and Installation for Steam System Safety Valves
Key Considerations in Specifying Control Valves 
Getting the Most From Severe-Service Valves 
Technologies for Throttling Valve Control
Pump Safety: Flirting with Disaster
Considering Fugitive Emissions During the
Conceptual Design Stage
Eye on Flare Systems 
Dust Control in the Chemical Process Industries 
Dust Explosions: Prevention & Protection 
Prevent Combustible Dust Explosions with Nitrogen Inerting 
Dust Management in Bulk-Material-Handling Operations 
Prevent Explosions During Transfer of Powders into Flammable Solvents
Storage Tanks: Heating and Cooling System Design (KTK)
Safety in Sulfuric Acid Storage Tanks 
Things you Need to Know Before Using an
Explosion-Protection Technique 
Preventing Tank Corrosion 
Rupture Disks: Effectively Minimize Leaks and Emissions 
A Safety Checklist for Laboratories 
Selecting Laboratory Exhaust Systems