Managing Chemicals: Volume One- Proper Selection, Handling and Storage


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The need to select and properly manage chemicals — including raw materials and intermediates, process aids, heat-transfer fluids, solvents, lubricants, catalysts and more — is ubiquitous throughout the chemical process industries. The diverse compendium of articles in volume one of this two volume guidebook covers a variety of relevant topics related to the selection and storage of acids, solvents, hydrogen, caustics and other process chemicals.

This volume features several articles related to the design, sizing, operation and maintenance of storage tanks and engineering considerations related to the dispensing of chemicals from storage vessels and the injection of chemicals into process operations.

Focus is found on heat transfer fluids, covering a range of issues from selecting the best fluid for the operation to selecting the best material of construction with fluid-compatibility issues in mind, to monitoring and managing corrosion.

This guidebook also offers several articles related to “green chemistry” efforts that aim for safer and more environmentally suitable alternatives to traditional chemical-based production routes.

These practical, how-to articles were originally published in Chemical Engineering and include hard-to-find articles dating back to 2001.

Delivered in a PDF, 176 pages.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding Atmospheric Storage Tanks
  • Calculate Liquid Volumes in Tanks with Dished Heads
  • Acids Handling
  • Designing Chemical-Injection Systems
  • Five Steps to Replacing Aged Heat-Transfer Fluid
  • A Modern Approach to Solvent Selection
  • Solving Vessel Equations: A Better Way
  • Important Determinants of Solvent Selection
  • Evaluating Green Projects: Modeling Improves Economic Benefits
  • Closed liquid dispensing: Secure Container Contents While Reducing Risk
  • Tank Coatings: Covering the Basics of Selection and Specification
  • Silo Design and Selection
  • Coal Gasification For Chemicals
  • Preventing Tank Corrosion
  • Thermal Fluid Systems: Design Considerations
  • Heat Transfer Fluid Leaks: Break the Fire Triangle
  • Chemical Lifecycle Management
  • Maximizing Heat-Transfer Fluid Longevity
  • Heat Transfer Fluids: Maintaining the System
  • The Role of Chemical Engineers in Green Engineering
  • Accurate Wetted Areas For Partially Filled Vessels
  • Facts at Your Fingertips: Aboveground and Underground Storage Tanks
  • Facts at Your Fingertips: Detection and Prevention of DP:DPO Fluid Leaks
  • Facts at Your Fingertips: Heat-Transfer Expansion Tank Design
  • Facts at Your Fingertips: Heat Transfer System Cleaning
  • Facts at Your Fingertips: Heat Transfer Fluids: System Filtration
  • Facts at Your Fingertips: Acid Storage
  • Facts at Your Fingertips: Hansen Solubility Parameters
  • Facts at Your Fingertips: Solvent Selection Methodology
  • Practice Green
  • pH Measurement And Control
  • Sodium Hypochlorite Chemical Production
  • Filtration and Separation in Sulfur Recovery
  • Better Chemistry by Design
  • Know Your Hydrogen-Supply Options
  • How to Handle Hydrogen in Process Plants