Physical and Energy Water Treatment Procedures


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This publication stresses the value of using corresponding systems in the industry with positive, clear results and documented examples. It provides objectivity concerning this very controversial discussion, as the technologies are still inherent of stigma and the lack of precise scientific evidence.

This is also a unique experience from other industries, including exactly quantifiable business benefits in the framework of the maintenance costs. A much needed market adjustment has taken place; the reputable suppliers could continue to develop their systems, or together with scientific research institutions could also provide proof of effect used.

The chemical-free methods described in this book are, in many cases, a genuine alternative to conventional methods of water treatment. These alternative methods are usually also capable to treat very large quantities of water and often without any consequential costs for the operators of the plant. Especially interesting, concerning some of the procedures, is the evidence referring to coverings of silicates, aluminates, phosphates, gypsum and their reduction. Additionally, often other technically usable effects are demonstrated.

The technical handbook is a comprehensive representation of the different physical chemical water treatment methods, as well as the listed references demonstrating their industrial applicability and encouraging their use.

Delivered in a PDF format, 180 pages.


 1) Basic research on the effectiveness

Introrductional  remarks (Ende)

Scaling on Heat Transfer Surfaces– Chemical versus nonchemical control (MacAdam/Parsons)

2) Power-free permanent magnetic procedure

Literature (a Synopsis) (Zeppenfeld)

Inhibition of CaCO3  scaling  by zinc (II) and copper (II) (Zeppenfeld)

A comparative review

Magnetic treatment of process water (Wolfs)

Magnetic Water Treatment Device(Kobe/Drazic/Strazisar/Cefalas)

The Influence of impurity Elements and Magnetic Fields on the Crystallisation form of Calcium Carbonate

Magnetic Water Treatment Technology(Brannagan)

3) Power tied to physical processes with inductive or capacitive couplin

Water treatment systems for the industry (Brandt)


Water Treatment by the use of Electronically Generated Induced Fields(de BaatDoelman)

for the Prevention and Elimination of Scale in Industrial Process Systems and Hard Water Applications


4) External power-free, galvanic procedure with sacrificial anodes

Galvanic water treatment/Sacrificial anode technology in maintenance (Flettner)


5) Magnetic and electrolytic processes

Introrductional  remarks (Ende)

Cato cool – Effective Protection against Corrosion, Fouling and Bacteria

In Cooling Tower Applications (Gulgager)


6) Energetical Water Treatment

Introductional  remarks to the energetic water treatment (Ende)

Reduction and Prevention of water-related problems in heat exchangers,

Pipes and equipment (Dworschak)

7.) Other procedures

7.1)   Introrductional  remarks

Introductional remarks (Müller-Steinhagen)


7.2) Membrane Processes 

The still unknown treatment procedures (Kügler)

Degassing and rest the desalination of boiler feed water using membrane degassing

And electrode ionization

Innovative treatment of cooling water circuits using reverse osmosis technology (Kügler)


7.3)   Physical, non-thermal hygienization processes

Biocide-free, non-thermal Preservation of Surfaces in Water leading Systems (Körner/Koppe/Lausch)

Scale protection on the basis of Biomineralisation (Walder/Leiter)


7.4)   Other alternative procedures

Trend setting Nano-crystal Technology in the field of alternative lime protection procedures (Aehlig)

Chemical-free environmentally friendly Cutting Edge Technology (Reiche)



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