Pumps Selection, Maintenance and Safety — Volume 1


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Selecting “the right pump for the job” is an essential and complex undertaking throughout all chemical process industries (CPI) applications. This Chemical Engineering Guidebook covers a range of essential topics associated with proper pump selection, operation and maintenance.

Several articles focus on sizing, installing and troubleshooting pumps, including details on vacuum pumps, diaphragm pumps, magnetically driven pumps and others. Others discuss variable-frequency drives, and process safety considerations to ensure safe operation and avert catastrophic failure over the lifecycle of the pump systems.

Included are specific recommendations to carry out pump maintenance and proper lubrication and include tips for overcoming the challenges associated with high-shear mixing, engineering considerations for piping system design, strategies for optimal process plant layout, lifecycle-cost calculations and more.

Delivered in a PDF format, 136 pages.

Articles Include:

Cooling Towers: Estimate Evaporation Loss and Makeup Water Requirements

  • Applying mass and energy balance calculations yields critical operating insight

Vacuum Pumps

Chemical Process Plants: Plan for Revamps

  • Follow this guidance to make the most of engineering upgrades that are designed to improve plant operations or boost throughput capacity

Pump Safety: Flirting with Disaster

  • Be vigilant about parallel pumping conditions that can lead to catastrophic failures

Process Plant Layout — Becoming a Lost Art?

  • Plant layout is as important a part of process plant design as it ever was, but it is rarely taught as part of chemical engineering courses

Recommended Fluid Velocities in Pipelines

  • The recommended velocities for fluids’ transportation must be updated periodically to obtain the optimum value of the pipe diameter in the current economic conditions

Pump Sizing Parameters

Lubricating Rotating Machinery

  • Follow this guidance to improve lubricant selection, process operation and asset reliability

Use Simplified Lifecycle-Cost Computations to Justify Upgrades

  • The methodologies presented here can be used to set goals, and will enable performance comparisons among different plants or industry segments

The Impact of Off-BEP Pump Operation

High-Shear Mixing

Cost Engineering: Equipment Purchase Costs

  • A methodology and examples for estimating equipment costs are presented

Avoid Safety Pitfalls During Plant Expansion and Modification

  • Follow this guidance to minimize risk when adding or modifying plant equipment

Vortex Breakers in Practice

  • When vortex formation limits outflow from a tank, consider a disc-type vortex breaker

Optimizing Pressure Relief Systems

  • Alternative designs for pressure relief systems may offer investment cost savings

The Unrecognized Problems of Relocating Laboratories

  • Follow the guidance provided here to avoid many of the problems that can arise during the relocation of laboratory facilities

Variable Frequency Drives for Centrifugal Pumps

  • A method to estimate the economics of using variable frequency drives

Commissioning and Startup: Increase Certainty Through Advanced Planning

  • Taking commissioning and startup into consideration during the early design phase can result in more predictable project schedules and more robust equipment designs

Making Pump Maintenance Mandatory

  • Transfer pumps must be kept in optimum shape to handle harsh chemical processing operations

Piping Codes: What the CPI Engineer Should Know

  • An overview of the codes and standards that are most pertinent to chemical processing facilities

Reduce Risk and Cost with a Lifecycle Approach to Process Safety

  • Better upfront planning and management can lead to safer, more productive processes throughout every phase of operation

Improving the Operability of Process Plants

  • Turndown and rangeability have a big impact on the flexibility and efficiency of chemical process operations

Magnetically Coupled Pumps: Structure, Function and Best Practice

  • Understanding pump internals, especially the various sealing and coupling arrangements, is a critical step in selecting the optimal pump

AODD Pumps in Chemical Processes

  • Advancements in efficiency and the ability to handle a wide array of chemicals combine to make the air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump a useful choice for chemical processor

An Overview of Vacuum System Design

  • The design of vacuum systems deserves careful attention — there are multiple facets that affect efficiency, operability and cost

Magnetically Driven Pumps: An overview

• Understanding sealless pump technologies and their potential applications