Thermal Management


Includes articles on heat exchangers and heat-transfer fluids, heaters and desuperheaters, drying, condensation, chilling, evaporation, quenching, temperature measurement, avoiding runaway reactions, and more (250 pages)

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CHAPTERS: Chapter 1. Heat transfer and heat exchange; Chapter 2. Runaway reactions and thermal excursions; Chapter 3. Temperature measurement and control; Chapter 4. Drying, cooling and condensation, Chapter 5. Heaters and desuperheaters
Thermal design of the shell-and-tube Allan Jones, Consultant
Designing and troubleshooting plate heat exchangers Mark Sloan, Alfa Laval Thermal
A closer look at integrally finned-tube heat exchangers Glennwood K. Pase, Sr., Joseph Oat Corp.
Constrained optimization of heat exchangers K. Ramananda Rao, U. Shrinivasa, and J. Srinivasan, Indian Institute of Science
Debottlenecking using heat transfer enhancement Graham Polley and Ian Gibbard, Cal Gavin, Inc., and Bruce Pretty, Veritech
Heat exchangers: Is it time for a change? Larry Trom, Alfa Laval Thermal, Inc.
Refurbishing worn-out heat exchangers Stanley Yokell, MGT, Inc.
Sizing up heat transfer fluids and heaters Gerald E. Guffey II, Eastman Chemical Co.
Heat transfer in agitated vessels Robert Dream, Lockwood Greene Engineers
Make the right choices in thermal maintenance Henry Gaines and Steve Row, Controls Southeast
Jacket zoning in reactor scaleup Edward Steve, Day & Zimmerman International
Aspect ratio and jacket zoning in reactor scaleup Edward Steve, Day & Zimmerman International
Estimate batch reactor heating or cooling time V.V. Mahajani, University of Bombay
Transfer heat in a resin sheath Samuel R. Wharry, Jr., Haveg Div., Ametek
Put fouling in its place Graham T. Polley,
Fouling, viscosity, and the heat transfer coefficient Alejandro Anaya Durand, Mexican Petroleum Institute
Safe scaleup of exothermic reactions Jasbir Singh, Hazard Evaluation Laboratories, Inc.
Avoiding runaway reactions Bob Venugopal, Chilworth Technology
Accommodating potential reactions Edward Steve, CDI Engineering Group
Exothermic reactors: The stable, the unstable and the uncontrollable F. Greg Shinskey, Process Control Consultant
Prevent thermal runaways in carbon beds Thomas Hofelich, Marabeth LaBarge, and Denise Drott, Dow Chemical Co.
Calculate accelerated temperature changes in vessels Edward Steve, CDI Engineering Group, Inc.
Tempering loops for temperature control Stephen Winter, Consultant, and Jimmy Peress, Tritech Consulting Engineers
Two circuits are better than one Edward Steve, CDI Engineering Group
More-precise temperature measurements Clifford Lewis, Accutech
Hands-off temperature measurement: IR thermometry finds CPI niches Alan Young, Raytek Corp.
A low-signal selector can prevent equipment meltdown Mukund Joshi and Mikhail Budanitsky, American Hydrotherm Corp.
Electric heat tracing — A better design path Mitchell Todd, Nelson Heat Tracing Systems, and Robert Ragno, Kvaerner Process
Steam tracing keeps fluid flowing Joseph Radle, Spirax Sarco, Inc.
Understanding impedance heating Fred S. Epstein and Gary L. White, Indeeco
Direct vs. indirect drying: Optimizing the process Greg Kimball, Hosokawa Bepex
The ins and outs of indirect drying Georgios Raouzeos, List AG
Process calculations for partial-recycle dryers Edward M. Cook, Energy Saving Consultants
Troubleshooting the convection-conveyor dryer Paul McKeithan, Aeroglide Corp.
Optimizing drying performance through better control (1) Béla Lipták, Lipták Associates P.C.
Optimizing dryer performance through better control (2) Béla Lipták, Lipták Associates P.C.
Vacuum and microwaves dry granulated products Barry Fox, L.B. Bohle
Gravity effects in horizontal condensers Alejandro Anaya Durand, Cynthia A. Aguilar Guerrero, Edgar Amaro Ronces, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Optimizing process vacuum condensers James R. Lines and David W. Tice, Graham Manufacturing Co.
Select flow directions in laminar-flow coolers Alejandro Anaya Durand and Mauricio Marquez Lucero, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Design basics for cooling systems Sajjad Ahmed and John Bayers, Bechtel Corp.
Improving cooling towers James L. Willa, Willa, Inc.
Quenching hot exhaust — A key aspect of pollution control Wayne Buckley and Boris Altshuler, Croll-Reynolds Co.
Get the most from your fired heater Ashutosh Garg, Furnace Improvements
Choosing a fired heater Butch Magee and Jeffrey Adams, Uniflux/Exotherm Corp.
Get the most out of your electric process heater Craig Tiras, Texas Systems and Controls, Inc.
Desuperheater selection and optimization Kristin Donohue, Graham Corp.
Protect against rotating equipment loss: Steam turbines Edward E. Clark, The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.
Efficiently generate steam from cogeneration plants V. Ganapathy, ABCO Industries
The challenge of low-temperature sealing Robert Keller, Parker Hannifin Corp.
Help workers cope with heat stress John O’Grade, American Management Systems

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