Environmental Management: Wastewater and Groundwater Treatment


Includes articles on chemical, biological and physical treatment systems, and emissions-monitoring techniques, for industrial wastewater and groundwater; technologies include membrane systems, reverse osmosis, filtration, carbon-based adsorption, evaporation, aerobic and anaerobic digestion, and more (360 pages)

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CHAPTERS: Chapter 1.Treatment technologies; Chapter 2. Managing odor and emissions; Chapter 3. Groundwater and soil remediation, Chapter 4. Pipeline issues; Chapter 5. Emissions monitoring; Chapter 6. Data and calculations; Chapter 7. Safety issues; Chapter 8. Treating inlet or process water; Chapter 9. Related topics
Combination therapy tackles wastewater toxins Manfred Morper, Linde AG
Treating wastewater: Combine membranes with mechanical vapor recompression Raynald Labrecque and Normand Bedard, Institut de Recherche d’Hydro-Quebec
High-shear membrane separation for process & wastewater treatment Brett Elias and Jabez Van Cleef, Komline-Sanderson
For water treatment, consider high-pH reverse osmosis Khaled Moftah, Consultant
Improving wastewater pH control Anthony Sobkowicz, Engineering Resource, Inc.
Bioaugmentation: Put microbes to work Christopher M. Huban, BetzDearborn, Inc., and Robert D. Plowman, Sybron Chemicals, Inc.
Oxygen-based options for purifying wastewater Joachim Hertramf, Messer Group , Abdol Hossein Shadiakhy, Wedeco Ozontecknik
Aerobic versus anaerobic wastewater treatment Dwight Robinson, James White, Alan Callier, Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co.
Treating industrial wastewater: Anaerobic digestion comes of age Robbert Kleerebezem, Technical University of Delft, and Herve Macarie, Institute de Recherche pour le Developpement
Put the breaks onwastewater emulsions George Alther, Biomin, Inc.
Scaleup of agitated thin-film agitators William B. Glover, LCI Corp.
Controlling VOC emissions during wastewater treatment – Part 1 William Beck, Trinity Consultants , Michael Henry and Victor Edwards, Kvaerner Engineering and Constructors
VOC-control options during wastewater treatment – Part 2 Victor Edwards, Kvaerner Engineers & Constructors
For wastewater odors, dilution may be the best solution Paul Tetley, Strobic Air Corp.
Odor prevention and control in process plants Terry Robbins and Roy Manley, BetzDearborn
Exploring VOC control options Jeffrey H. Siegell, Exxon Research and Engineering Co.
Abating halogenated VOCs Robert Keller and James Dyer, DuPont Co.
Controlling H2S emissions Gary Nagl, U.S. Filter Corp.
Removing H2S from gas streams Gary Nagl, USFilter Gas Technology Products
Selecting the solvent for SO2 removal by absorption Soumitro Nagpal and P.K. Sen, Engineers India Ltd.
Taking stock of activated carbon’s many talents Stephanie Carr and Robert Vaughn, Calgon Carbon
Prevent thermal runaways in carbon beds Thomas Hofelich, Marabeth LaBarge and Denise Drott, Dow Chemical Co.
Groundwater cleanup options Diane S. Roote, Ralinda R. Miller, Jeffrey A. Sacre, and A. Thomas Merski, Groundwater Remediation Technologies Analysis Center
Tackling tough groundwater contaminants Doug Beal and Harlan Faircloth, BEM Systems, Inc.
Coping with groundwater contamination Mark Maimone, Camp Dresser & McKee
Surfactants tackle surface pollutants Laura Yeh, Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center, Dick Jackson, Duke Engineering & Services
Contain contaminated groundwater Robert D. Mutch, Jr., Robert E. Ash IV, Jeffrey R. Caputi, Eckenfelder, Inc.
Stripping organics from groundwater and wastewater Bruce Lamarre and Don Shearhouse, North East Environmental Products, Inc.
Use air sparging and vapor extraction to remediate subsurface organics M.C. Marley and E.X. Droste, Envirogen, Inc., H.H. Hopkins, American Petroleum Institute, C.J. Bruell, University of Massachusetts
Control fouling in groundwater pump-and-treat systems John Dilzell, BetzDearborn Water Management Group
Minimize scale formation during groundwater treatment Robert DeGiorgio, Lawler, Matusky and Skelley Engineers LLP
Soil contamination: Dealing with petroleum spills Sofia Stokman, Consultant, and Brian J. Sogorka, N.J. Dept. of Environmental Protection
A geochemical way to keep metals at bay Jim V. Rouse, Maureen C. Leahy and Richard A. Brown, Fluor Daniel GTI
Design tips for precipitating metals Richard Rast, Talisman Partners, Ltd.
Remediating organic-laden soils: Do your homework before breaking ground Thomas McGowan, TMTS Associates, Inc.
Using chemical screening during site remediation Lawrence Kahrs, Lewis Horzempa, David Peterson, Foster Wheeler Environmental Corp.
Working the kinks out of piping design Fred Bandel and Jeff Lawson, ProcessPlus
Approximating equations for pipe sizing B.B. Gulyani, University of Roorkee
Select the optimum pipe size Ronald W. Capps, Gulf Coast Consulting Group
Updated rules for pipe sizing Alejandro Anaya Durand, Jorge Arroyo Boy, Joaquin Lastra Corral, Luis Ojeda Berra, Jose Suarez Trueba, Petro Villalon Brena, UNAM
Pipe design for robust systems Michael Bussler, Algor, Inc. , and Tony Paulin, Paulin Research Group
Correlate pressure drops through fittings – Part 1 Ron Darby, Texas A&M Univ.
Correlate pressure drops through fittings – Part 2 Ron Darby, Texas A&M Univ.
Save pipes from bursting with a compensator Jack Boteler, Flowguard USA , and David Clucas, Flowguard Ltd.
The use of certified KR for rupture disks Jeff Scoville, Oseco
Calculate pipeline flow of compressible fluids T.W. Cochran, BASF Corp.
Keeping pipelines safe from harm Brian Payne, EDM Services
Improving pipeline safety Brian Payne, EDM Services
Selecting secondary containment piping Anthony Palozzolo, Perma-Pipe, Inc.
Picking the best thermoplastic lining Gary Dennis, Elf Atochem North America, Inc.
The case for flangeless plastic-lined pipe John M. Kalnins, Dow Chemical Co. , and Nancy L. Lindley, Unistrut Corp.
Keep piping insulation dry Brent Cottingham, Refrigeration Concepts
Survey your options: Continuous emissions monitoring John R. White, KVB/Analect
How to choose emission monitors Robert Bucher, DuPont
Protect workers and the environment: Choosing fixed-point gas sensors Alan Austin, General Monitors
For effective gas detection, location counts Jay J. Jablonski, HSB Professional Loss Control
Comparing catalytic vs. infrared gas monitors Alan Austin, General Monitors
Estimating the lower explosive limits of waste vapors Harold L. Shelton, Con-Serve, Inc.
Estimating hazard distances from accidental releases Ajay Kumar, The Sapphire Group
Estimate emissions from atmospheric releases of hazardous substances Ajay Kumar, EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc.
Quick estimates for hazardous-gas releases Ajay Kumar, Sandi Wiedenbaum and Michael Woodman, EA Engineering, Science and Technology, Inc.
Solubility and Henry’s Law constants for amines in water Carl Yaws, Jack Hopper and Sunil Mishra, Lamar University
Solubility & Henry’s Law constants for sulfur compounds in water Carl Yaws, Praveen Bajaj and Harman Singh, Lamar University, Ralph Pike, Louisiana State Univ.
Extremely hazardous substances’ — A focus on safer operations George Kinsley, Environmental Resources Management
Coping with hazardous leaks and spills Merrill Bishop, TransEnvironmental Systems
Preparing employees for spill response Karen Hamel, New Pig Corp.
Reusing chemical-cartridge respirators Craig Colton, 3M
Suiting up for safety in hazardous workplaces James Zeigler, Thomas Neal and Norman Henry, DuPont
Up-to-date tools for water-system optimization Y.A. Liu and Bruce Lucas, Virginia Polytechnic Inst., and James Mann, Dow Chemical Co .
Use pretreatment to improve process-water treatment Val Frenkel, GE Water Technologies
Process water treatment: Navigating the options Steve Siverns, Christine Wilson, Jan d’Ailly, GE Glegg Water Technologies
Make your process water pay for itself Vikas R. Dhole, Nand Ramchandani, Richard A. Tainsh, and Marek Wasilewski, Linnhoff March Ltd.
Pollution prevention: Don’t neglect it Virangkumar N. Lad, S.V. Regional College of Eng. And Tech.
Pollution prevention by design Paul Crumpler, Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources
Troublefree water management with outsourcing James Hearne, USFilter
Consider outsourcing to reduce costs John Sudnick and William Falls, Peregrine Energy Corp.
Avoid process engineering mistakes Ian Duguid, Consultant
Boosting environmental performance…reducing regulatory noncompliance Charles Gillard, C.F. Gillard Assoc., Bob Wood, Verticore Technologies
Resolving environmental disputes without litigation Steven Koyasako, California Environmental Protection Agency, Dept. of Toxic Substances Control
Get the most from environmental audits Anne Marie McManus, Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.

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