Mixers and Mixing


Includes articles on specifying impeller, rotor-stator and static mixers, troubleshooting mixer systems, coping with problem fluids, modeling using computational fluid dynamics and simulation, blending solids, and more (220 pages)

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CHAPTERS: Chapter 1. Mixers and mixing equipment; Chapter 2. Modeling and simulation; Chapter 3. Blending solids; Chapter 4. Operation and maintenance; Chapter 5. Related topics
Mix or match: Choose the best mixers every time William Dietsche, Silverson Machines
How geometry & viscosity influence mixing David Dickey, MixTech ; Julian Fasano, Chemineer
How fluid properties affect mixer and impeller selection W, Wyczalkowski, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions
Facing the challenge of mixing problem fluids David Dickey, MixTech
Don’t be baffled by static mixers Thomas Bayer and Klaus Himmler, Siemens Axiva GmbH & Co., Volker Hessel, Institut fur Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH
How to select rotor-stator mixers Doug Cohen, Charles Ross & Son Co.
Mixer specification a la spreadsheet Steven Drury, Sharpe Mixers , and Lewis Gates, ReyNo, Inc.
Keep solids in suspension Hanna Gladki, ITT Flygt Corp.
Gas-liquid-mixer correlation avoids flooding John Von Essen, Philadelphia Mixers
Don’t overlook static-mixer reactors F.A. Streiff, Sulzer Chemtech Ltd. , and J.A. Roers, Koch Engineering Co.
How to disperse gases into liquids Andre Bakker, Chemineer, Inc. , John M. Smith, University of Surrey, and Kevin J. Myers, University of Dayton
Taking high-shear mixing to the next level Suzanne Shelley, Chemical Engineering
CFD comes of age in the CPI Nathalie Hamill, AEA Technology plc
Improve reactors via CFD Vivek V. Ranade, National Chemical Laboratory (Pune, India)
Validate CFD results using process tomography Gary Bolton, Industrial Tomography Systems
Maximizing simulation’s reach Mark Broussard, Hyprotech Ltd.
Pick the right solids mixer Daan Goris and Peter van der Wel, Hosokawa Micron BV
Removing the uncertainty in solids mixer selection Wim van den Bergh, Consultant
Preventing particle segregation John Carson, Jenike & Johanson
Keep your rotating machines healthy Marco Alcalde, Bently Nevada Corp.
Automatic lubrication saves money Heinz P. Bloch, Process Machinery Consulting
Risk-driven maintenance management Stephen McManus, iLead Projects ; Mark Grushka, University of Arizona
Taking the guesswork out of plant maintenance Rudolf Roy, PSDI
Steps to success for computerized maintenance Richard Taylor, DP Solutions, Inc.
Strive for maintenance without waste Christer Idhammar, Idcon, Inc.
Improving plant reliability: Look beyond the usual suspects Donald Schneider, Stratus Engineering
Control corrosion from plant cradle to grave Cathy Shargay, Fluor Corp ; and Chris Spurrell, Chevron Products Co.
Cracking down on corrosion Russel Kane, Julio Maldonado, William Ashbaugh, InterCorr International
Stress corrosion cracking — A caustic experience M.P. Sukumaran Nair, Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd.
Put fouling in its place Grahm T. Polley, Pinchtechnology.com
Solve — or avoid — elusive equipment problems Heinz Bloch, Process Machinery Consulting
Incident analysis can lighten the PSM burden Edward Clark, HSB Reliability Technologies
Getting to the root of chronic failures Robert Latino, Reliability Center
Protect against rotating equipment loss: Compressors, gas turbines, engines, motors Edward E. Clark, The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.
Keep your rotating machines healthy Marco Alcalde, Bently Nevada
A fresh look at reaction engineering Roger W. Cusack, Koch Process Technologies, Inc.
Reaction engineering — Choosing the right reactor Roger W. Cusack, Koch Extraction Technologies, Inc.
Reaction engineering — Optimize design and operation Roger W. Cusack, Koch Extraction Technologies, Inc.
Take the mystery out of non-Newtonian fluids Ron Darby, Texas A&M University
Pressure drop for non-Newtonian slurries: A wider path Ron Darby, Texas A&M University
Don’t take electric motors for granted Jean Revelt, Lincoln Electric Co.


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